Snorkel Purchasing Guide


A snorkel is a swimming breathing tube. The snorkel can be used for scuba diving or snorkeling. In scuba diving, the diver uses a self-contained breathing apparatus known as scuba to dive underwater. Snorkeling, on the other hand, refers to the process of swimming on water while having a diving mask and swim fins. Snorkels for scuba diving and snorkeling are different. Dry snorkels are good for snorkeling. For dry snorkels, water should not enter the tube. You should note that a dry snorkel will not let water enter even when the swimmer decides to go underwater or a wave hits you. When selecting a dry snorkel, go for the one that is not large and bulky. You can easily tell that the snorkel is bulky if when you are swimming the mask is leaking. This is because the snorkel may be heavy enough to pull the mask strap wear that they are attached to. No one likes a mask that is leaking, so if you realize this, do not hesitate to detach the snorkel and consider buying another one.

You should also confirm that the snorkel at has a good attachment system. It should be flexible to slide up and down the mask as well as move side to side. If it is that flexible, you can insert the snorkel in your mouth without necessarily pulling on the mask strap. Sometimes it is recommended to buy a snorkel with all bells and whistles. However, it is difficult to find a snorkel with all these features that are not heavy.

These features are important though you do not necessarily have to have them if they will make the snorkel bulky. Some people wonder whether it is important to have a snorkel when scuba diving. In fact, a snorkel is equally important to a scuba diver as it enables you to breathe well in water as well as help you preserve air in your tank when you are not underwater. If you preserve more air when on the surface then it simply means that you will have more time to dive than without the snorkel. To get some facts about snorkel, go to

Whenever you are buying a snorkel at, it is imperative to consider the depth of the pool or water body you are going for snorkeling. If the place is a bit deeper, then you need a more extended snorkel than the standard measurements to ease breathing. Consider buying a snorkel that has a cleanse valve that can be useful in removing any water that enters the snorkel. Be wise and choose the best snorkel to fit your needs.

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